Virtual Revolution 2016 Full Movie Download in Hindi English 480p BluRay

Virtual Revolution (also called 2047: Virtual Revolution) is a 2016 independent cyberpunk film directed and written through Guy-Roger Duvert in his directorial debut, and starring Mike Dopud, Jane Badler, Jochen Hägele and Maximilien Poullein. The film is ready in a dystopian Neo Paris in which people have embraced digital fact absolutely.

Virtual Revolution 2016 Full Movie Download in Hindi English 480p BluRay

Virtual Revolution Movie Download 480p

Size: 300mb
Language: Hindi + English
Quality : BluRay
Initial release: 11 May 2016
Director: Guy-Roger Duvert
Production company: Lidderdalei Productions

In the yr 2047 more than seventy five% of the population, known as the Connected, spend the majority in their lives dwelling in on line digital video games (called verses). The international is dominated by way of a few agencies and politicians are satisfied to hold the loads docile via on line video games. After 148 gamers are killed in a pc virus attack perpetrated by means of terrorist institution Necromancers, shadow agent Nash (Mike Dopud) is employed by Synternis Corporation operative Dina (Jane Badler) to track and eliminate the attackers.

Nash is a hybrid, spending half his time online and 1/2 in the real world. He is haunted by way of the dying of his love Helena in a virulent disease attack a few years returned. Nash takes the help of a hacker Morel (Maximilien Poullein), Helena’s brother, to hack safety video from Interpol servers. Meanwhile Synternis covers up the assault to avoid any involvement of Interpol. Nash infiltrates a Necromancer mobile via taking up the net avatar of considered one of their members.

There he learns that the goal of Necromancers is to interrupt humans out of virtual reality with the aid of any way. Hacking attempts of Morel draw the attention of Interpol, which results in Interpol intimidating him. Nash is ambushed at his flat via Camylle (Kaya Blocksage), chief of the Necromancers. She tells him that Synternis Corporation is answerable for the loss of life of Helena, as they first advanced the virus able to killing gamers even as on line.

Camylle asks Nash to assist in her plan to unfastened all and sundry by supporting in inserting the virus through a server at Synternis headquarters. This virus will systematically close down all of the verses forcing humans to confront the real global. Nash contemplates whether or not it’s miles sensible to pressure the unwilling populace into freedom.

A livid mob of disconnected humans lynches the necromancers. Dina severs all of the ties between Synternis and Nash resulting from his betrayal. She additionally claims that he was misled and the virus that killed Helena changed into indeed released via Necromancers and that Helena changed into a mole of Synternis in the Necromancers; he does not recognise which model to consider. To escape his painful memories Nash becomes one of the Connected the use of his fortune to add capabilities and comforts to his on-line avatar. He motives that when you consider that his mind cannot distinguish among real and virtual, the net existence is as desirable as real.

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